Free July holiday demonstrations of baking and decorating gingerbread.

Gingerbread Manufactory, Gingerbread Wroclaw invites you to July holiday demonstrations of baking and decorating gingerbread.
During the show you will see the whole process of gingerbread including forming and cutting shapes, baking them and decorating.
Based on the story of gingerbread woman you will learn the story of the gingerbread house and find out:
- where the gingerbread comes from,
- why we say that gingerbread is "pierny",
- who else could have been a gingerbread man,
- who is a woodcarver,
- why gingerbread in old times was sold in pharmacies,
- why after the birth of a daughter the gingerbread dough was kneaded,
- who could be given an infant-shaped infinite in its infancy, - many other gingerbread curiosities.
Eager gingerbread guests can form and bake their own gingerbread from the mold at an additional cost.
On the spot, in the Gingerbread Cafe, you can also have gingerbread coffee or spicy tea.
Gingerbread guests can also try unique gingerbread cakes, e.g.
- gingerbread with plum jam layer which is the winner of the competition "The Best Taste of Lower Silesia 2019"
- historical Lower Silesian Legnica Bomb, the winner of the competition "Our Culinary Heritage-Tastes of Regions"
or an amazing gingerbread full of nuts and honey.
In the gingerbread shop you can buy Gingerbread products, many of which can become a great gift or s ouvenir from your visit to Wroclaw.
The shows take place at 1p.m. from monday till friday at Piernikarnia at 5 Kurzy Targ Street, next to the Wrocław Market Square and the Town Hall.
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